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5 Sweet Treats That Are Good for You!

We all have a sweet tooth, but that doesn’t mean we can’t eat healthy! Here are five deliciously sweet treats that are actually good for you!

d1) Fresh fruit. Who doesn’t like the sweetness of fruit? Fruit has fiber and natural sugars that provide your body with lots of energy. Enjoy juicy peaches or sweet strawberries with your meals to satisfy your sugar craving while staying healthy!

2) Yogurt. Yogurts may have a smooth, sweet, and creamy taste to them, but they also help digestion! Some yogurts even have lots of calcium and other nutrients. Just make sure you don’t choose a yogurt high in sugar!

3) Cinnamon. In addition to being tasty on your waffles, cinnamon helps regulate your blood sugar and lower cholesterol. For all of us women out there, cinnamon gets even better: it can help reduce menstrual pain!

4) Honey. Honey may be sweet and delicious, but it also has good enzymes in it! Honey helps your digestive track run smoother, soothe throat irritation, and create beautiful skin. Honey is also an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal probiotic. Essentially, this means that including honey in your diet can prevent you from getting sick, or help you get better faster! Honey is the closest thing that we have to a magical food!

aa5) Dark Chocolate. Can you believe that chocolate is good for you? It’s the truth! Dark chocolate contains fiber, iron, magnesium, and other minerals your body needs. It’s an antioxidant, and it can even help your cholesterol levels! The bottom line is that eating some dark chocolate every day is actually a great idea!

Have You Tried Dance?

aA lot of girls stay away from sports because they don’t like running or playing rough. That’s fine; we get it. Sports aren’t for everyone. Just because you don’t like these things, though, doesn’t mean you should give up on exercise. Everyone needs to do some form of physical activity to stay healthy; dance may be a great solution for you!

Maybe you took ballet classes as a child and hated them. Maybe now, you think that dance isn’t for you. But you’re forgetting: there are more types of dance than just ballet.

Do you like working with people? Try a ballroom dance class! Are you into pop music? Try a zumba or cardio fitness class! Do you love watching the amazing tricks professional dancers do? Try a hip hop or jazz class!

If you still love dance but you don’t think a class is right for you, then gather your friends and start a dance club! Meet with your friends and groove to the music together.

Is dance still not your thing? That’s fine! It doesn’t have to be, but don’t stop looking until you’ve found a form of exercise that you enjoy. Remember, exercise is a vital part of staying healthy!


5 Awesome Group Sports or Games

Eating right is an important step toward being healthy, but so is exercise. We know that not everyone likes to play on an intense after-school team, so here are five physical games that you can play for fun!

1) Four Square. All you need is a bouncy ball and some chalk! Draw a grid of four squares on the ground, and pass the ball to your friends in the other squares. If they miss the ball, they’re out, and you take their spot! It’s a light-hearted – but competitive – game

a2) Jump-Rope. Grab a really long jump-rope, and take turns jumping in with your friends! Learn some of the fun rhymes to “find out” who you’re going to marry based on the letter you land on. You can also compete with your friends to see who can jump the longest!

3) Soccer. This is a classic game for a reason. Soccer involves running, agility, and teamwork. It’s a great way to stay fit and make friends! You can join a team or just play with your friends for fun after school. Either way, soccer is an awesome form of exercise!

b4) Kickback. This is my favorite game! Two people take turns kicking a soccer/bouncy ball at a baseball backstop. If the ball misses the backstop or bounces more than once, you’re out. Get back in line and wait for your turn again! This is a fun game because you get to run and kick, but you always have to use your head and think of strategies. It’s a fast-paced game and a lot of fun!

5) Pickle. It’s a healthy game with a funny name! All you need are two landmarks as “bases,” and two foamy or bouncy balls. Divide up your friends and make two people “it.” Then, they have to try and tag you with the balls as you run between the bases. It’s a fun game filled with laughter and strategy!

5 Healthy Alternatives to Soda

Sodas are everywhere, and they are pretty unhealthy. They have lots of sodium,  sugars, and chemicals that slow your body down and increase your risk for diseases later in life. Just because sodas are unhealthy, though, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck drinking plain old water every day. Here are 5 healthy alternatives to soda!

bb1) Iced tea. The natural herbs used in teas do a variety of healthy things for your body. Add ice and a little bit of lemon, and you’ve got a cold and tasty treat. Just don’t add too much sugar!

2) Fresh juice. Fresh juice is always the best alternative to water, especially when you pick a juice with no added sugars! Fruit juices also have a lot of your daily vitamins and minerals. Best of all, they’re delicious!

3) Sparkling water. I personally only drink soda for the carbonation. If you’re like me, then a sparkling water is perfect for you! Sparkling water doesn’t have the high level of sugars or chemicals that most sodas have, so you get your bubbly fix without all of the additives.

aaa4) Infused water. Is plain water too bland and boring for your mid-afternoon snack? No problem! Cut up some lemons, oranges, or even strawberries and throw them in your water. The fresh fruit will add flavor to your otherwise boring drink!

5) Juice and seltzer. It’s the best of both worlds with this drink. Combine the fresh fruit juice and sparkling water from above to make your own flavorful and healthy sparkling juice!