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Enter the “I Am…” Poem Contest for a Chance to be Featured in our NEW Magazine!

Enter the “I Am…” Poem Contest for a Chance to be Featured in our NEW Magazine!

Would you like an opportunity to be featured on our new Be Your Own You magazine? Enter our “I Am…” Poem Contest now through November 6th! It’s easy, all you have to do is write a poem stating the positive  amazing things YOU ARE, fill out the application at, upload your photo (if you want), and we will select the top poems to appear in our upcoming issue of Be Your Own You magazine!

In our premiere issue, our CEO Debra Gano wrote a very helpful article about paying attention to the words we say to ourselves. “We know it’s important to watch the negative things we say to others, and we also want to be sure the words (and thoughts) we say to ourselves are both empowering and kind,” says Debra. “When we judge ourselves harshly and that critical mean-girl voice inside our head becomes the one we hear, not only does it tear down our self-esteem, it also sets in motion a pattern of potential future negativity. What you think about and declare for yourself eventually will come true – your words actually have attraction power!”

For example, your inner mean-girl voice says “I am ugly and nobody likes me!” The TRUTH is, you’re NOT ugly (we all have something beautiful about us, especially inside!), and SOMEBODY likes you (your mom, your neighbor, your dog). But if you keep telling yourself over and over these negative statements, then you actually WILL attract people who reinforce your thoughts and who will see (and point out!) your less than attractive qualities, or people who really don’t like you.

On the other hand, if you were to switch around your statements to yourself, and rather say “I am beautiful inside and out, and I am someone that people like,” then you’ll attract people in your life who like you and support your beauty.

So when a negative thought about yourself pops into your head, such as “I am stupid – I can’t do ANYTHING right,” first be sure to ask yourself if this is true – chances are it’s not (you can do SOMETHING right, right?). Then replace that thought with a more positive one that you can believe about yourself, such as “I am smart because I can do lots of things right!” Then remind yourself about all of the things that you do well. Not only will you immediately begin to feel better, but you’re creating opportunities for lots more happy moments in the future!

“Remember the words you speak and the thoughts you think are powerful,” reminds Debra, “so select them wisely so the best YOU can shine!”

Write an empowering poem to remind YOU how amazing YOU ARE! Then share it with us for a chance to be featured in the new Be Your Own You Magazine!



  1. Who is the person I really am? I Am me. A Person to be. The type of girl that makes you be, the type of girl that you will see. WHO AM I? I am me. The person I only want to be. I want everyone to know WHO I AM. I will succeed, I am who I set out to be. I’M JUST DOING ME. I am ME! A Person who I should be! Should I care what haters say? Or should I just ignore it, and stay away? I Am the girl with emotional feelings, and also just a human being. I Am Kacey, the type of character I’d rather be, She has the same interest as me, and that’s what makes me be me! I respect others as they respect me, that’s the type of friend I’d rather be. I Am a Heartlight Girl, the non-perfect one in the world. I Am Me, B-YOU B-YOURSELF B-TRUE B-LOVED, I Am Chikia, a girl who is stuck in her own world, but I try to stay strong, and not let others let me down. Even though I lose my patience I try to stay ME. I Am Lil Miss Swaggar, I Am Myself, I Am no one else, I Am ME, I Am Not Perfect, I Am Just Doing Me, I Am a Nique-Freak. Can’t you see!? That’s how I be. I Am a girl, who is in her own world, being herself! I Am ME, I hope you can SMILE and SEE :)

  2. who am I as I ask myself why dont i wanna be anybody else im happy but i always wonder why is it because i love me my name is amya and i be my own me. There is nothing i love more than being me I know im not perfect but I am just being me Im weird im fun and everything i dont follow the crowd im in my own zone and i have confidence a high self esteem i keep my head up cant nothing tear me down sometimes i just wanna crack but everytime something in me tells me to keep trying i stay laughing and smiling i dont care what haters say i just turn the other cheek i am a regular 11 yr ol girl thats in her own world no matter what they say im not going to be someone else when i look in the mirror i see myself as you can see i love me everytime you see me i will have a smile on my face because no matter what they say i be my own me thats why i encourage you and everybody else to byou.

  3. Hi,
    Staying true to yourself

    I am 7 from Sudbury On canada
    Grade 2
    Last year (grade1) I received my perfect attendance for the whole school year..yep not 1 day missed.
    I believe in staying true to yourself, I have my own fashion style, I am a good friend. I hang around with everyone, I include everyone. I love yoga.
    I even hang out with the boys, having boys as friends is awesome.
    I am a pet owner to a shih tzu named Pepsi (girl)
    I live with my Mom.
    I am a good student, Great reader, I always look out for my friends, I donate my gown out clothes, I also donate to the food bank, and have made a video to help spread awareness for Hepatitis C as my Grandmother has it.
    I am helpful, I garden for my neighbor. I am my own person and have my own style.
    I just wanted to share my hair tip with you.

    Tired of Tangles?!
    I have really long hair and this is what I use to keep it tangle free

    In a squirt bottle add 3 drops olive oil, 5 drops tea tree oil, a squirt of your favorite conditioner and water Shake well, spray onto hair and comb :) do not rinse out

    Hannah Karpathios
    Age 7

    I have a video on you tube

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