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Five Celebs who took a stand against bullying

These Celebrities Took A Stand…Will You?


Bella Thorne


In the summer of 2011 the ‘Shake it up’ star made a youtube video sharing here experience being bullied. Bella talks about how she changed the way she was just so she could fit in. Bella made the video as a part of the summer community project against bullying entitled Take THAT apathy! Bella got her twitter followers involved with scavenger hunt that was set up by and Lenovo.


Taylor Swift


In 2011 Taylor Swift released her anti-bullying song Mean. In Teen Vogue Swift opened up about being bullied as child. “The kids at school thought it was weird that I liked country [music],” she says. “They’d make fun of me.” Swift ran into the people who bullied her a year after they mocked her. “They showed up, wearing my T-shirts and asking me to sign their CDs,” says Swift. “It was bittersweet, because it made me realize that they didn’t remember being mean to me and that I needed to forget about it, too.” Swift uses her music as a tool to empower young girls to stand up for them selves.

Britney Snow

Snow has opened up about her struggle with body image due to the industry’s standard of beauty. The ‘Pitch Perfect’ star has also talks about being bullied by jealous girls from the age of 12-15 for being on the soap opera ‘Guiding Light’. Snow started the Love is Louder movement, a campaign that is designed to help anyone who is feeling alone or mistreated.

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga released an inspirational song called ‘Born This Way’. After the release of ‘Born This Way’ Gaga set up the Born This way Foundation to empower youths and remind them that they are amazing just the way they are and shouldn’t change for anyone. In March of 2012, Gaga officially unveiled her Born This Way Foundation to fight at Harvard University.


Demi Lovato


Lovato has been very open about her experiences being bullied as a child. She also speaks openly about her struggles with body image. Lovato partnered with MTV and Brittany Snow as a spokesperson for the Love is Louder campaign. She is also involved with a new anti-bullying campaign for Secret deodorant for a campaign called “Mean Stinks.” As campaign ambassador Lovato asks girls to “Gang Up For Good” by painting their pinky nails blue to promote “peace and solidarity to keep bullying out of their group of friends. The X-Factor starlet continues to inspire young girl through her work to not give in to the pressure to be perfect and to stay strong.


These inspirational girls took a stand against bullying. Will you?

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